The Christian Women Business Builders private library of faith-based, Business-Building resources is now OPEN for business!


Join us now to get unlimited access to an incredible wealth of trainings, downloads, resources, and masterclasses on the topics you need most!


This library is an absolutely incredible value at only $18 per month (or save a little $ and get in for only $45 per quarter!), since it's like getting 7 business-building courses for less than a few cups of coffee!


If that's not cool enough already, we are constantly adding new and updated trainings and resources into the Library so you can stay on top of the ever-moving business changes!


Inside the library you get unlimited access to trainings in the areas of:

  • Website Design, Layout, and Tips
  • Sales training, simple systems, and Biblically based sales strategies
  • Money Mindset, Budgeting for business, and Structuring your Financials 
  • Legal Trainings on protecting you and your business 
  • Social Selling Platforms, Strategies, and Time-Saving tips for the top sites
  • Tech Trainings, Tips, Short-cuts, and Cool New Finds!
  • And soooo much more! Remember...all of these are done from professional, believers in business so you will get access to some of the top minds in the Christian business world for less than $20 per month!


If you are ready to partner with a  community of believers with a major, God-sized vision, then today is the day! 


We created a space where women of faith can go to:



    Receive inspired business training on the very topics you need to take your business to the next level.


    Build real relationships that will encourage and motivate you through the many stages in your business journey.


    Establish an amazing network of like-minded women who you can turn to when you need a particular service and who will refer you to others when they are looking for your field of expertise.


To join us as  Sprout Level Library member, all you need to do is fill out the form, put in your payment info and check your inbox. Your log-in Info is custom created just for you and will be sent shortly after completion. 


Be sure to save your info so you can access the incredible Library of Trainings often, and remember, new content is added weekly so there is always something new coming your way!


Sprout Level Library Members are welcomed into our Free FB community of believers in business and we encourage you to engage with the other members, hop in and introduce yourself, and be sure to keep an eye out for the Live trainings so you can meet and engage with our incredible team of Leaders in real-time!

Locked In For LIFE!

As member of the Sprout Level of Christian Women Business Builders, you will be locked in at your current low price for life! That means that as long as you maintain your subscription you will never have to pay more, even if the price increases! Just a little way for us to say thank you for your support!


*(Should your subscription lapse or get cancelled you will be able to re-join, but it will be at current market rates)


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