Feeling a little lost, lonely, and overwhelmed while trying to grow a  successful Christ-honoring biz?

You're most likely a


And yet, there is also something deep inside calling you to:


+ Build a business that blesses your family

while furthering the kingdom


+ Growing into impact and influencer that

you were destined for


+ Design a life you love based off of your

passions and purpose


+ Create a better future for yourself, your

loved ones, and generations to come

But, trying to learn all the moving and changing parts

of a business while finding the time to market and promote your biz is hard!

Do You Find Yourself trying to Learn, Implement,

and Keep up with:

New tech platforms

Sales funnels

Organizational tools

Social media growth

Finding consistent clients

Learning all the legal requirements

Financial planning and obligations

Selling Your Offers

Not to mention balancing work and family...


It's impossible to do all the things in your business yourself and do them well. That is not the way we as believers are called to run our businesses!

As believers in business, we are called to MORE! 


We are called to build our businesses together as the body of Christ!


Because here is the truth...


Unless you’re able to pay THOUSANDS of dollars in courses and spend HOURS upon hours studying, training, and implementing, there will always be something you don’t know. 


That leaves us with the question...

Where do we as believers get the info, resources, and talented partners that we need to run our successful, Christ-honoring -businesses?


That's where Christian Women Business Builders Comes in!!


At CWBB we believe that...

We need to do business differently, serve Christ, and build the Kingdom. Our faith and putting Christ first truly separates us from the world.


We need to shine brighter and show that Christ has a better way of doing things.


We need to link arms with other believers in business as we commit to growing healthy, profitable, and impact-growing businesses!


The truth is, we are here to help you grow in community with other believers, impact the success of your business, increase your ability to serve others, and allow you to provide abundantly for your family.

Friend, if we haven't had the pleasure of meeting...

the founder of Christian Women Business Builders and a Business Coach for Christian Entrepreneurs. I love helping women of faith start and scale businesses that produce abundant profit, genuine joy, and massive impact!

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to run multiple successful businesses for over 13 years. First as a small business owner, then as a solo-entrepreneur, and most recently as an online business coach and community creator.


But it wasn’t until I hosted a business retreat for 10 amazing women who were in various stages of business, that I realized something profound...


I don’t have all the answers!!

There we were, sitting in my own living room. Each woman there had the same heart cry....Each lady was gifted, skilled, and incredibly talented at showing up and serving in their targeted niche, but they realized there were so many things they didn't know! Not only that, but we realized that there was no where to turn to in order to access the areas they needed help in that was faith-based and even remotely affordable!

One was an incredible birthing coach with an amazing heart for her patients, but she struggled with getting visible and showing up on social media. 

Another lady was a creative photographer with amazing social media skills, but her bookkeeping was a hot mess! She felt personally responsible for the disaster her books were becoming but she had no idea where to go for help or where to start...

Yet another precious lady was in the early start-up stages of creating an online boutique and had more questions than she had answers with no idea where to turn to for the community, support, and prayers that she craved in order to get started.

And I was suddenly aware that while I could coach these ladies through a lot of their business troubles, I wasn't equipped to solve all their problems...

Not on my own.  
And none of us can. 


carries a special piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle and as a community, we can grow better together!


The branding & marketing gals

The legal eagles

The sales & strategy sweeties

The tech wizards

The financial geniuses

The social marketing girls

The visionaries who seek to serve Christ in business

You know, our VILLAGE!


Christian Women Business Builders is an incredible one-of-a kind networking community under the daily guidance of an incredible team of Christian mentors who present training in each of the 7-areas you need to understand to run a wildly successful business.


  • Learn the newest ever-changing business updates from top Faith-Based Leaders
  • Connect with other Christian Business Owners in a safe and private community
  • Network your business in front of hundreds of your ideal clients
  • Find the encouragement, support, and prayerful tribe that you've been craving
  • Promote your business while growing your following through daily engagement/share posts
  • Celebrate the goodness of our Lord and Savior in a fun and supportive community!

Learn, grow, and network in a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs, where all content is God-breathed and kingdom focused

Join the Christian Women Business Builders community completely FREE! 

~Get access to our amazing Facebook Community, Limited access to our Sponsors Library, and Daily Networking  and Engagement Opportunities completely FREE!~

This is the NETWORKING COMMUNITY for Christian Women who want to Start & Grow Wildly Successful Christ-focused Business

Christian Women Business Builders is a networking community that focuses on growing healthy and profitable businesses together as the Body of Christ. We truly believe that we are stronger together and when we support each other, we all rise!

One incredible way that we grow together is through our daily coaching videos. Our weekly trainings are taught by an incredible team of Christ-loving business owners and are based on the 7 skills, services, and mindsets you need to start and grow a profitable, fulfilling, and Christ-honoring business.


You get FREE access to experts in the fields of:

Law and Legal services
Social Selling and Marketing
Christ-Centered Business Growth

Join the Christian Women Business Builders Community

for FREE!

These Are The Mentors You Have Access To For FREE The Moment You Join Christian Women Business Builders!

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As a CWBB Sponsor you will be joining together with other Christian business owners who are on the SAME journey you’re on. You will be supported, encouraged, and poured into as you grow your business in a way that honors the Lord and His call on your life. 

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No matter where you are in your business, CWBB has a way to support you where you are right now and we are here to grow with you as your business grows. From free support in our CWBB networking community, to Sprout level-education and resources, to Grow level promotional opportunities, we are here to journey with you!

Our Guarantee

Your CWBB sponsorship includes a Price-Lock Guarantee, the price you sign up at will always be your price even if the sponsorship costs go up!​


How can I cancel my sponsorship?

We hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel simply email our team at customerservice@christianwomenbusinessbuilders.com and we will take care of the rest! Cancelling your sponsorship does remove your listing from our Directory and cancels your quarterly posting rights. 

How is CWBB different from other communities?

That’s a great question!   CWBB is special for a number of reasons.

  1. We’re a Christ-honoring group of women who are committed to seeking the Lord in our businesses and ministry. To do that effectively we know we need to seek out other members of the same body – the body of Christ – to achieve our goal. We truly in growing our businesses together to honor our Lord and Savior!
  2. We can’t do business alone so we have multiple expert Christian women mentors (read more about each one here) who are committed to giving away their knowledge right inside our membership site on a specific day a week – every single week.
  3. Each day of the week is dedicated to ONE particular area of business that you need to master in order to be successful. That means that there are new trainings happening almost every day, giving you new insights on growing your business every single week.

Can CWBB help me find clients/customers?

We Certainly Hope So!! Our goal at CWBB is to maintain a community of like-minded Christian business women who are willing to step up and support the other businesses represented in the group. We believe in "shopping first" within the group and have seen many business partnerships made within our community.

We encourage you to take the time to get to know these women and add value to their lives in order to build genuine relationships. Weekly promotion threads are posted in the group every Tuesday that allow you to promote your business and we encourage you to consider becoming a Sponsored Member for additional promotion opportunities

We will also be featuring our own Sponsored members as special guests who will be able to share their knowledge with the group. This would be an ideal opportunity to attract the right clients and customers to your business!

How many members do you have?

CWBB was launched in 2019 to an initial beta group of about 50 women and from there we've seen consistent growth. We are currently over 700 women strong and continue to add to those numbers daily. 


What if I can't make a particular training?

No problem! All our training videos are archived in our CWBB library so if you have partnered with us as a Sponsor you can log-in and watch them whenever you want as long as your sponsorship at CWBB remains active.

How long do I have to watch the videos?

The training videos are dropped several times per week in the CWBB group and are taken down and moved into our members library at the end of the week. All training videos are archived in our library so you can watch them whenever you want as long as your sponsorship at CWBB remains active.